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24.07.2020 (182 days ago)
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Travel in the Time of Covid 19

To bring the Meta-Travel Tourism Associates Community Website up to speed in post lockdown 2020, we've had to drop a number of database tables and outdated modules.

Some old content may have been lost or changed as we try to clean the place up and re-think the Meta-Travel 'business plan'; especially in this troubling time of prolonged Covid-19 pandemic crisis; masks on public transport and many public places; lockdowns and partial lockdowns; changing rules and conflicting advice from different sources and government officials on an almost daily basis; while some countries continue to apply green, yellow and red classifications to visitors from other countries - and even to different regions and communities from within their own countries.

There are so many places we plan to visit that may be on the green list one day and a yellow or red the next. Some countries still require a quarantine, others a recent Coronavirus test to enter; or even two tests within a certain number of days.

Hotels and Restaurants have had to close, some Airlines grounded, Travel Services restricted and many travellers really none the wiser.

We hope that we can return to some sort of normality in the travel industry shortly; even if the new normal may take some getting used to.

Thank-you for your understanding and patience while we all evaluate the road ahead.


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