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Refreshing Mountain Retreat
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07.11.2018 (07.11.2018)

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Business Contact
Telephone(717) 738-1490
Business Location
CountryUnited States
Address 1455 Camp Road
Zip/Postal Code17578
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Refreshing Mountain Retreat was founded in 1983 by Marlin and Sharon Harnish, to provide a place where families could be refreshed.

From the humble beginnings of a run-down horse camp, this Lancaster County retreat now hosts hundreds of groups and thousands of individuals on an annual basis.

While building a business to cater for relaxing families, the couple were busy creating a family of their own. The family history is quite a timeline.

Offering overnight retreats, cabin rentals, outdoor activities and team building events, Refreshing Mountain is built on 80 acres of beautiful Pennsylvania woodland, an easy drive from New York City and Washington, DC.

Activities include ziplines, high ropes, climbing tower, archery, sling shots, paintball, swimming, scavenger hunts, and field games.

Zip Lines:
As one of the premier things to do in Lancaster, PA, the Ziplines at Refreshing Mountain are a top attraction in Lancaster County.

Cabin Rentals:
The Refreshing Mountain Cabin Suites are for families that want to get away from the business of everyday life. Although comfortable the cabin suites are quiet and relaxing with limited modern distractions; providing the ideal place to reconnect your relationships, while refreshing and renewing your spirit.

Cabin prices start at $129 a night.

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Refreshing Mountain Retreat and Adventure Center

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