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Meta-Travel is a place where travel writers, photographers, PR folk, tourist destination promoters, travel hospitality hosts, tour operators and travel service providers can come together to share experiences and travel tips with people interested in travel or living abroad.

Active members earn community points for their actions on the site; which may be used to upgrade membership levels, or exchanged for Meta-Travel credits.

Meta-Travel members will also be eligible for exclusive travel discounts and can enter our competitions for prizes.

Verified members can add a travel website to our directory.

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Quality Not Quantity

While some community sites might be prepared to populate their database with 'fake' profiles to attract more members, we believe that a quality member base is more important than inflated numbers.

Travel Content

We're interested in members who add content and value to Meta-Travel; by sharing their local knowledge with visitors and adding to our online travel guides with genuine travel tips.

Member Profiles

Flimsy profiles stand a very good chance of being deleted, or hidden from view as we reject more applications than we accept.

If you're serious about your online presence, it pays to spend a little time creating a good profile to improve your visibility and enhance your reputation.

Create a good first impression and you put yourself in a better position to reap the rewards, as you never know who's browsing the profiles.

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Meta-Travel - in association with - helps in the marketing of travel and tourism websites, local businesses, and tourist destinations.

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