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Meta-Travel makes the process of buying and selling travel services more social by bringing together travel and tourism experts willing to share their experience and travel tips with people interested in travel or living abroad.

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The Travel Notes Online Guide to Travel has every country in the world covered; making it a great place to list your travel website, for greater visibility.

With so much noise on the Internet, and much of it not even creating an echo, it is now more important than ever to have your travel business listed in the authoritative Travel Notes Travel Guide - online since 1997.

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Please use the correct submission form to increase the chance of your travel website being listed on Travel Notes in a timely manner.

User Submitted Travel Tips to Travel Notes General Feedback - Contact Form:
For submitting travel tips and tourist information to the Travel Notes Online Guide to Travel, or other feedback about the website and corrections we may need to make.

Linking to Travel Notes  Listings on Travel Notes are free but Donations to Travel Notes are greatly appreciated and may help speed up the review process.

Suggested Donations

Non-commercial travel websites: $18.

Local tour operators and tour guides: $35.

Small hotel, guest house or holiday rental: $40.

Travel agents and booking companies: $55.

Paying a little something for the review process is just that, a 'donation for a service' and not a guarantee of a listing; although a personalised e-mail reply will be given.

Special Rates For Corporate Customers and Internet Marketing

Premium Listing with thumbnail and social media links: $120.

Premium Listing + 12 months run of network advertising: $260.

Adding URLs to the Travel Notes Directory

Travel Website Submission Guidelines.

Travel and Tourism Websites General Travel Link Submissions:
For destination and travel and tourism websites: tourist offices, embassies, airlines, airports, railways, travel blogs and official travel websites only.

Internet Marketing and PR agencies can also make multiple travel website submissions through the one form; for a processing fee of $40 per URL.

Where to Stay - Meta-Travel Hotels and Lodging Directory Listing Accommodations:
For your country inn, bed and breakfast, guest house or family-run hotel. Larger hotels and hotel chains should consider a Premium Listing.

Excursions and Tours Listing Safaris and Tours:
For locals who operate a safari or tour in a particular state or country, or tour guides in a particular town or city.

Getting Around Travel Services: (No Affiliate Sites)
For travel agents, consolidators, travel companies and those offering other travel and booking services in general; like reservation websites.

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