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I haven't been to other countries yet, only Africa so I will stick to what I know.

Most people regard Africa as a continent riddled with crime disease, poverty and starvation, which is not entirely true. Africa is a beautiful, diverse continent with so much to offer travelers - different cultures, history, developing nations, the indominable spirit of the people, the most breathtakingly beautiful landscapes, majestic wildlife in abundance, to name but a few. 

Here is my short list of travel tips when visiting Africa

Dress down and make sure that you pack sunscreen and safari clothes if yours is a wildlife trip. . Be aware of diseases in Africa, especially malaria and take the necessary precaution. It is a good idea to bring a travel first aid kit. When encountering street vendors, stay cool and relaxed around them. (Bring along new US dollars). Don't forget your camera and be tactful with it, because some local people will ask you to pay them if you photograph them. 

When you visit Africa on a hunting trip, the above also applies, but here are a few tips about what to pack and travel documents required when planning African hunting safaris in South Africa.


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South Africa
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I plan on visiting all the countries in Africa and hope that I will still achieve it in my lifetime.
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