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Travel tips for foreign tourists:

  • Be respectful of Uzbek traditions, customs and culture in general

  • Dress modestly, without drawing attention to yourself

  • During the bargaining in the Uzbek bazaars, stay calm and smile

  • Before you take a picture of someone, ask for permission

  • Ask your guide or local people where to buy souvenirs

  • When buying a souvenir, ask the seller if special documents are needed when exporting this souvenir abroad. If such documents are needed, you ought to prepare them.

  • Basically in Uzbekistan they pay cash.

  • The capital of Uzbekistan is Tashkent.

  • The population of the country is more than 31 million

  • You can learn a few greetings in the Uzbek language. Local people like it. Here are few phrases:

    Good day! – Assalomu aleykum
    Thank you –Rakhmat
    Please – Iltimos
    How do you do? –Yakhshimisiz?
    Is everything ok? - Khammasi joydami?
    Bye-bye – Khair
    Welcome – Khush kelibsiz
    Can I help you? – Sizga kanday yordam bera olmaman? 
    Help me please – Yordam bering, iltimos
    Ok – Yakhshi

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