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Going from one beach to another and enjoying the sea and the sun is fascinating. The variety of landscapes will impress you. It is truly an once in a lifetime experience to spend the day on different beaches: secluded or organised, green or dry, with imposing rocks or golden sand, with volcanic landscape or hidden in a cave, undiscovered or with famous beach bars... 

Helpful tips to take into consideration for the beach hopping on the Greek islands!

-Start from the remotest beach

It is wise to start your day, when you are fresh and full of energy, from the remotest beach. Afterwards, when you have spent a few hours swimming and sunbathing, it is better to have the shortest distance to go to the next beach or return back.

-Western beaches

If you want to sunbathe under the warm sun the whole day, then start from the northern, southern or eastern beaches and end on the western beaches. Thus, you can enjoy the sun until late on the afternoon.

-Take umbrella and water

-Caique, car or foot?

How to go to the beach? If there is a caique from the port that takes the tourists to the beaches, don't miss it! It is a really unforgettable experience to tame the waves and go with the company of sea gulls to the beach. 

-Northern beaches

Ask the local people before going to a northern beach. In summer, blows in the Aegean Sea the northern wind meltemi. That means on some days it is really difficult to stay on these beaches due to the strong wind and the waves.


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