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Camping, tour guiding, travelling, commitment to sustainable tourism and the long-term conservation of habitats
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We believe that sustainable, sensitive tourism is an invaluable help to developing the communities and preserving the environments of East Africa. We aim to encourage more people to visit Africa by promoting supremely enjoyable and informative trips - whilst maximising the benefits these generate for the local economies, environments and host communities in East Africa.

We encourage our travellers to improve their knowledge of the destination prior to departure - to enable them to be informed of any cultural or environmental issues arising in their destination.

With regard to our guests social behaviour, it is important to be aware of the local community's culture and traditions and to respect local etiquette. We would hope that all our clients intend a cultural exchange during their visit to learn more about the host community. We suggest that...


  • You ask your local guides about their customs - they're the best ones to advise you in Africa.
  • You try to be as inoffensive as possible by taking into consideration dress codes.
  • Couples should try not to be over-amorous in public
  • You ask before you take photographs of local people and please respect their privacy.
  • You try to learn simple words or phrases from the local language to reflect your interest - greetings are vital.
  • You maintain a level of respect for all local people and avoid "high-handed foreigner" attitudes.

Please see more information: https://natureboundafrica.com/travel-tips/

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Tanzania, kenya, Uganda, Rwanda
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Tanzania, kenya, Uganda, Rwanda, Burundi, Congo
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Maasai Mara and Serengeti
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