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About Me

I am a Trekking and Tour operator in Nepal. By the name Nepal Kailash Trekking Pvt. Ltd. I have been working in this sector since August 19999. The company is a specialist for Nepal Trekking tours, Tibet (Mt Kailash trekking tour) and Bhutan.

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nepalkailashtrekking wrote
Nepal Kailash trekking is a reliable, service-oriented trekking agency in Nepal, specializing in Nepal Tibet Tour, nature, adventure, trekking tours packages.
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nepalkailashtrekking added a photo
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nepalkailashtrekking wrote
Spend the best time with us who offers Nepal trekking tours packages just set up the dates with your friends or family for trekking in Nepal. Located in the diverse, enchanting country of Nepal, Kailash is a trekking company in Nepal creating memorable trips for every visitor. Nepal Kailash Trekking does its best to protect the landscapes and present its untouched beauty. Unlike other operators, every Nepal Trekking Tours, as well as Kailash trekking tours, are designed to expose a different characteristic... see more of this beautiful part of the world, Nepal Hiking from the breathtaking Mount Everest to the cultural adventures you can experience on trips such as to the pristine glaciers with quick response trekking agency.

Our Trekking Tours Packages

Whether you are on a searching for true solitude in the birthplace of Buddha or an adventure to the world’s highest point Mount Everest. We provide you best services in the reasonable and competitive budget.

From comfortable lodges to camping the true sense of the world, our friendly local guides will educate and entice you by sharing their unique culture and hospitality. And you are not only limited to a single route. You can trek the range, visit local lakes, take on Mt Everest itself, visit Tibet, or set your path visiting tea houses to create an unforgettable journey.

Helping Nepal: Trekking Packages and The Community

Since the devastating earthquake of April 25, 2015, the local community has prayed for the safety of trekkers as they rebuild their lives and their economy.
Those prayers have been answered, and the major trekking routes along the Langtang Valley have been opened.
This means that the community can slowly start to grow again, but only with the help of investments from tourism. As a proud local trekking operator in Nepal, we support local people with jobs and encourage guests to visit us and do the same. This is why we strongly request to hire Nepal trekking guide or at least a porter. It makes big difference to having a trekking guide or porter during your trekking trip because of our top concern is your safety and to provide as much as information about the country during your short trip of the lifetime.

Say “Namaste” to Nepal

We are ready to welcome you to our world through a trekking tour you will never forget, and Nepal is looking forward to you.
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