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Browse Sites By Tag: travel — The Association of Turkish Travel Agencies is a professional organization established by Law in 1972. The Law concerning Travel Agencies and the Association of Travel Agencies; Law No 1618, effective as of 28 September 1972. In accordance with the Law No. 1618, travel agencies can be established u…
21.05.2014 0 comments From Michel — The 'national newspaper of the travel industry' delivers all the 'late-breaking news, analysis and research that travel professionals need to succeed'.
10.06.2013 0 comments From Michel — A non-profit association whose major purpose is to increase the quality, value, effectiveness and use of research in travel marketing, planning and development.
08.06.2013 0 comments From Michel — As a global association, comprised of executive-level members in more than 100 countries, ACTE pioneers educational and technological advances that make business travel productive, cost-effective and straightforward.
02.06.2013 0 comments From Michel — The only member-led business travel association with a focus on corporate travel not only in South Africa but across the African continent too.
01.06.2013 0 comments From Michel — ABTA was founded in 1950 by 22 leading travel companies and is today the UK’s leading travel association.
01.06.2013 0 comments From Michel — A leading global advocate for travel agents, the travel industry and the traveling public.
01.06.2013 0 comments From Michel — Privately held, for-profit industry trade group that serves to network, educate, professionalize and promote the adventure travel industry.
01.06.2013 0 comments From Michel