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22.05.2014 (22.05.2014)
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CityFort Cochin
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Fort Cochin is one part of Cochin (the industrial capital of Kerala), tucked between the Arabian Sea and the Kerala Backwaters.

Linked by a complex system of ferries and bridges, Fort Cochin shares the western peninsula with Mattancherry, while the eastern part is occupied by the more modern, Ernakulam.

Fort Cochin is attractive to tourists; thanks to its extraordinary history of foreign influence and settlement, reflected in a variety of architectural styles.

During a wander through the narrow lanes of Fort Cochin, you will stumble upon spice markets, Chinese fishing nets, a synagogue, a Portuguese palace, India's first European church, Dutch homes, and a village green that could have been transported from England's Home Counties.

The city is also one of the few places in Kerala where you can see the Kathakali dance; either in a special tourist theatre, or at a more authentic performance by a temple-based company.

Places to Visit

Sithara Homestay is situated in the heart of Fort Cochin and is within walking distance of all major tourist sights.

You can easily visit Chinese nets, Vasco Da Gama church, Jew Town, the synagogue and the Dutch Palace.


Kerala is India's tropical playground. Although the smallest of India's states it is like an Indian curry; filled with all sorts of delicious flavours and experiences.

This sliver of land, located at the southernmost tip of India, is 560km long with lofty mountain ranges gracing one side and the blue Arabian Sea washing up against the other.

At its widest, Kerala is only 120km from mountain to sea.

Popularly known as ‘God's Own Country’, Kerala is listed as one of the '50 places of a lifetime to be visited' by National Geographic Traveler.

The landscape of Kerala is dominated by rice fields, mango and cashew nut trees and, above all, coconut palms.

The Western Ghats, with their dense tropical forests, misty peaks, extensive ridges and ravines, have sheltered Kerala from mainland invaders and encouraged maritime contact with the outside world.

Kerala - Land of Rivers and Backwaters

People have been sailing to Kerala, where forty-four rivers criss-cross the State, in search of spices, sandalwood and ivory for over 2,000 years.

Peaceful and pristine, Kerala is also India's cleanest State.

For administrative purpose, the state of Kerala is divided into fourteen districts.

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