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09.11.2018 (09.11.2018)

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The countryside of Udon Thani province in northeast Thailand is where we call home. Natives of this region, we continue traditional ways of life here, planting rice annually and growing our own herbs, tropical fruit and vegetables which we love to incorporate into freshly cooked Thai and Isan specialties.

As our family grew, in 2000 we launched our first Thai vacation rental Gecko Villa, a villa with a private swimming pool set among our banana, lime and rice plantations. This was followed a decade later by Green Gecko, our traditionally Thai villa also built around a very private swimming pool nestled on our land.

In both cases, we wanted to offer something out of the ordinary to our overseas guests, whilst making it easy for them to experience this hidden corner of Thailand, so we blended the privacy of a villa rental with local hospitality and good food, preparing all meals at the villas for guests at no extra cost. 

Green Gecko Thai Villa

Green Gecko


Gecko Villa Thailand

Gecko Villa

Whilst our farm and children make travelling difficult for us, welcoming guests from around the world is a way for us to travel vicariously...and to pick up new recipes from Europe, India and more!




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