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Heather has had an incurable case of the notorious travel bug since she was just six years old. Summer vacations were filled with adventure on month-long family road trips. From the backseat of her parent's sedan, she would watch through the window with wonder and awe at the ever-changing landscape. Though the family never ventured beyond North America, their adventures took them to nearly every state and much of Canada. And that was all it took for Heather to be hooked.
Fast forward to today, and Heather is a professional writer who has traveled to hundreds of locations in nearly 50 countries. Heather loves to see the world any way she can and will go anywhere at least once, but her heart belongs to the sea. With limited time off work, an even more limited budget, and a taste for the extravagant, cruising is the perfect escape.
Recently, Heather brought her love of writing and travel together through her brand new blog. She loves helping other travelers make the most of their time and money so they can push as many pins into their travel map as possible. When Heather isn't on a ship someplace, she lives in the mountains with her husband and menagerie of rescue fur babies.

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