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Top 5 Sardinia s Beaches
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30.04.2018 (633 days ago)
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Top 5 Sardinia s Beaches

Resting in the waters between Corsica and Tunisia, Sardinia is the second largest Mediterranean island and probably the first for its beauty. It boasts a coastline of 1897 km with steep cliffs primarily located in the northern part of the island and white-snow sandy beaches rimmed with turquoise sea. Charmed by the natural beauty, Sardinia receives thousands of travelers every year that come for some Mediterranean sun and cultural and sports activities. Windsurfers and kitesurfers, hikers, trekkers and bikers, amateurs of diving and snorkelling, fans of canyoning and kayaking, there is room for everyone.

Inhabited by the Nuragic civilization, a tribe of Sea Peoples, in the remote times and featuring its the remains including Nuraghe Su Nuraxi, Giants´ grave, Su Romanzesu by Bitti and pieces exhibited in the Museo archaeologico nazionale and other important cites, Sardinia will be a great place for an archaeology and history lover as well. As the islands was also under the Phoenicians, Romans, Byzantine and Spanish rule, it boasts architecture pearls including thermae, necropolis, points of cult, basilicas and churches.
Foodies will also take advantage of their holiday on Sardinia and can discover its different regional cuisines. No matter when one is staying by Olbia on Costa Smeralda, close to Cagliari, by Alghero, absolute must-tries will be the circular flatbread called pane carasau, a pig roasted in front of an open fire (porceddu), boiled snails (lumache) and oven-cooked loaf in stock and covered with cheese (zuppa gallurese).

Though with all the secrets of this island, the majority of travelers still come there for a great beach vacation as it is known to be an iconic high-end destination for its shopping areas, restaurant offer and fantastic Sardinia luxury villas. There are so many stunning coves, pristine bays and picturesque beaches on this island that it is almost impossible to choose the best ones, as there are always some that are better than the best. However if you are traveling to Sardinia for the first time, the best-beach rating below will be very useful as a starting point.

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Sa Colonia – Chia

Located in the South Sardinia, the beaches of Chia, a small town away from the beach, giving its name to several spots of the coastline, including Sa Colonia and Su Portu are known for their light-honey sand with dunes and forests. It is a great option for those coming with children for its shallow waters.

La Cinta & Cala Brandinchi - San Teodoro

Known for its lily-white beaches, La Cinta and Cala Brandinchi, and azure sea, the area of San Teodoro got nicknamed Little Tahiti. Perfect for kiteserfer.

Spiaggia Di Principe - Costa Smeralda

Stretched over 55 km, Costa Smeralda is home to more than 80 beaches and coves beloved by jetset from all over the world including the so-called Prince´s beach (Spiaggia Di Principe in Italian) that is supposed to be the favourite beach of Prince Karim Aga Khan).

La Maddalena - Archipelago di Maddalena

Part of an archipelago of pink-granite islands pointed at Corsica at the north-east part of Sardinia, Maddalena would be a great point for snorkelling, swimming and boating around enjoying the stunning coastline and sea views.

Cala Gonone - Central Sardinia

Located in the dramatic eastern coast of Sardinia, Cala Gonone, Cala Goloritze, Cala Mariolu and Cala Luna, the sunlit coves with sugary white sand mantled with pine trees.

The Sardinia beach list could have been continued but the biggest pleasure for any traveler will be to find their own secret beaches and coves to enjoy the lovely Sardinian summer.

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