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07.09.2017 (19 days ago)
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September 2017 Meta-Travel Upgrades

A View From The Window Seat

Apologies to those of you who may have had trouble accessing parts of the Meta-Travel community website lately.

The main database errors seemed to occur in the Business Listings and Travel Destinations sections.

Hopefully the turbulence is over and your view from the window seat is a little clearer.

While checking on the overall structure and functionality of our website, we're also fine-tuning specific page layouts.

Our About Travel and Tourism page acts as a Meta Travel Sitemap, with links to the main areas of each individual module.

A quick navigation aid has also been added to your Member Account page and we've made it easier to change your profile image.

Once the latest upgrades and tweaks are finalised, we hope to present a new 100% responsive layout for mobile users while keeping the current template active for those who are already comfortably seated.

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