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31.03.2016 (389 days ago)
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Meta-Travel 2016 Upgrade

Meta-Travel Membership Levels are being reworked for 2016 as we upgrade the website and prune some of the dead wood.

Standard Membership
Standard Membership:
Can create a member profile for free; join a group; add comments and rate content.
(Earn 5% affiliate commission).

Promoted Member
Promotion Level:
Awarded to members with a descriptive profile, including a proper profile photo (not a company logo), a nice Cover image, and active in a regional group.
(Receive greater community benefits and 6% affiliate commission).

Meta-Travel Tourist
Tourists can earn more points for their general Meta-Travel contributions and helpful comments.
(Earn 8% affiliate commission).

Verified Member
Verified Member:
Verified members can add a website and exchange community points for Meta-Travel credits.
(Earn 10% commission).

Travel Blogger
Travel Blogger:
Travel bloggers and photographers showcase their work, for extra community points.
(Earn 12% commission).

Travel Critic
Travel Critic:
Travel critics savour life in hotels and restaurants; the proof is in the pudding.
(Earn 14% commission).

Tour Guide
Tour Guide:
The tour guide waxes lyrical about the places to visit and things to do there.
(Earn 16% commission).

Travel PR
Travel PR:
Public relations is good for business and these folk know how to travel right.
(Earn 18% commission).

Travel Scribe
Travel Scribe:
It's all about crafting the written word; travel scribes live for the thrill of the quill.
(20% commission).

Travel Editor
Travel Editor:
Travel Editors are highly respected members of the Meta-Travel community.
(22% commission).

We'll add more posts later, to cover the actions allowed for each level, and feature members who work their way up the achievement ladder.

Michel - Travel Marketing Made Simple.

Michel 31.03.2016 0 1040
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