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after a slow start 2017 is shaping up to be a great year in London's Theatreland
01.02.2017 (82 days ago)
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A Friendly Welcome

The Theatre Breaks Theatre Survey results are out this week and one of the big topics for discussion is the friendliness of the welcome.

Whilst, on the whole the welcome is good, the presence or absence of a smile is an important contributory factor to the enjoyment of an experience. The top five friendly theatres in London are The Duchess Theatre (below), The Aldwych, the Harold Pinter, the Queen's and The Lyceum.

Duchess Theatre - the most friendly of London Theatres

31% of theatregoers think there could be some improvement in the welcome.

But  the importance of the welcome is not only restricted to theatres. The survey shows that any venue or attraction should concentate on how it greets guests

As it is always said, first impressions count! So attractions need to invest in that as much as the main draw.

But Friendliness only goes so far. Help is important. Often a theatre or attraction will spend a lot of time on special access, but, in an unfamiliar environment, everyone needs extra help - especially, in a theatre, in a dark and crowded space.

So next time your tourist attraction has a bit of cash to spare, whether it is a theatre, or museum, theme park or stately home, think of the folk at the business end. Think of the people who are your first impression. They are your visitor's first impression and their last impression. Make sure they leave a good impression.

theatrebreaks 01.02.2017 1 126
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    I thought that you might be interested in some work we've done since. Looking at the audience preference for a pre show announcement as a strategy for combating the use of mobile phones, it seems that it may not only be the best way to stop phone users, it may make it more likely that a show will be a success! It's all to do with creating empathy at the moment of liminality. More is here if you want to take a look https://www.theatrebreaks.co.uk/theatre-news-mobile-phones-announcements/


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